Here we go one

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Everyone is high tensioned, especially the first timers, it’s getting 10:30 and our heart beats is getting stronger by the minute. We have a flight to catch we have Jordan to visit.

at Hariri Int. Airport

Before leaving the airport gate from the outside world, we decided to take our first group picture with our Lebanese flag in addition to our bags.. Do we look exhausted or excited?? Mmm well both actually 🙂 some of us haven’t slept last night.. Others were still packing till early morning… aahh the youth of today..hihihi.

Here we are at the

farah showing us her car 🙂

Duty Free of Raffic Hariri international Airport , YES! DUTY FREE.. awesome cars to take picture with, low cost items, and 1 full hour of waiting before we went thru the national security’s last checkup.

The award for the most excited person to go on an air plane goes to ..trrrrrrrrammmmmm… definitely our Maya.. so excited that in fact she did shed some tears before arriving to gate 19.. our plane’s gate.

Well a little snack (orange juice and cake) on the Royal Jordan airlines wasn’t enough to any of us who hadn’t eaten anything yet, but we could definitely smell the chicken and meat that was possibly coming from the first class section on the airplane.

Therefore, our first goal after reaching Jordan was to have a nice delicious meal.

first images from jordan

last images from lebanon

with samer in amman airport

At our arrival, our Jordanian friend and MEXPer Samer Melhem was waiting for us at the gates. Afterward we went on a small bus tour to the town of Al-Rsayfa (they told us that officially is followed to al-Zarka region).

The road all the way up to Al-Rsayfa was pretty much like Lebanon, same type of cars, same traffic jams, and we even started to call some areas with Lebanese names such as 3aj2it el-2ouza3i (traffic jam of 2ouza3i), el da7iyi (Beirut suburbs), 7afriyet el 7adath (road maintenance of 7adath), and finally we arrived to the “THEODOR SCHNELLER SCHULE” A.K.A “Schneller”, our home away from home from that moment till the 21 of July, the date that we shall return to Lebanon.

And the first thing we did after choosing our beds and rooms was having lunch .. yummy 🙂

the interance of theodor schneller schul.


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