Mexp day 7: Projects tested, Tawook consumed

Helena focusing more than enough

Helena focusing more than enough

originally posted on MEXP’s Blog

As mentioned in our previous blog post, today was the day that we apply the second part of our project, so ( 3 ) new projects for the same participants that were here from “Schneller school” and in addition to that we got 15 more participants from the “Jordan University” that we were delighted to do our project with them.

And I forgot to mention that

Yousef and Lauge were the “Big Boss” of this day, so they had all the good news and bad news of the day.. they had the power to make us happy or sad.. unfair right? Hehe

Culture toon's bang

Culture toon’s bang

In brief, the projects of today were, “Defair yalla”, “Culture toon”, “Reclaim your neighborhood”, yeah lots of fun things to do and very educational.

Our best cooker Mr Atef

Our best cooker Mr Atef

And in between session, what do you think of having a lunch with all the participants in the big hall? It was quite a nice group just to gather all together and meet these young enthusiastic people. And what is more delicious then eating from the hands of ATEF the school’s cooker. By the way he cooks realllyyyyy delicious food that you can’t get enough of. Mmmm yummyyy hehe, did I just made you hungry or what?

think - think - think- think

think – think – think- think

After lunch it was presentation time, and as the first day with the first 3 projects, it was really amazing to see all the outcome of the projects that is letting the participants to just think out loud and maybe also out of the box.

Beside the good time the participants had during the process of the projects, it was also a good opportunity for the project creators to evaluate their projects in overall and that could be applied for the first 3 projects also.

Alaa taking us on a tour in Jordan, MEXP

Alaa taking us on a tour in Jordan

In the evening, we explored Jordan thru a nice presentation prepared by our lovely Alaa that showed us some of the most beautiful places in Jordan and some background information of this lovely and sure hot country also. And the surprise was also the arrival of Lisa Callesen (a Danish coordinator that was participating in last year’s Mexp).

what do you call danes watching a movie?

what do you call danes watching a movie?

And at night it was the best time, with some small cold breeze get out every now and then , everyone sat down to watch a Danish comedy film in the yard outside at around 10:30.

Thank you Sherihan and Chris

And of course a movie being played can’t be great without some snacks or some food, so what could be better than some grape’s leave appetizers made by Sherihan & her assistant Cris.

Finally, Tawoo

Finally, Tawook

And also later on to have a dinner other than the one we ate at 9, we ordered some Tawook, aha some Lebanese fast food from “Malek l tawook”, but damn it, he didn’t arrive until 2:30 AM (good customer service?, I doubt), but when he arrive I can surely tell you that it was deeeelicious.


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